Some curious facts everyone wants to know about Coronavirus.

Coronavirus is entirely a new virus. Only the people who have already been exposed to Coronavirus have some immunity. Understanding the virus behavior, mode of action, spread, and control is the most challenging task. Scientists worldwide are working hard to develop…

Just do these 10 things and see the magic!

When the word “happiness” comes, the first thing that comes to our mind is having money, fame, or an extraordinary lifestyle. It is not a thinking style of today’s humans, since Aristotle’s time, Happiness is considered a sum up of two key factors: hedonia (pleasure) and eudaimonia (a well-lived life)…

Just close your eyes and think, give an in-depth look at everything in the universe. You observe that almost everything follows the Principle of Change, and it passes through series and cycles. The earth revolves around the sun, moon around the planet. The day ends at night, and the night…

Abira Abid

A Bio-scientist and content creator by profession and passion. I love to connect science, technology, and the arts.

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